Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Like #22!

LeeAnna from "Not Afraid of Color" initiated this Thursday celebration!  Visit her blog to find more inspiration and cheery thoughts and check out the other participating bloggers.

Speaking of participating bloggers, I like that this weekly event allows me to meet other bloggers.  I am now getting to know Jocelyn over at "Canadian Needle Nana"!  Love the blog title as my original blog title was "Three poodles and a Nana".  I always learn from other bloggers and find it all motivating!
Speaking of Nana's...
I like keeping parts of my family members around me, even if they have passed on.  My brother is contractor and at one point, he replaced the windows at our Nana Betty's house.  He asked to put some of the old windows here until he could find the best salvage place.  In return, I got to keep two of them.  I think he thought I was nuts (my husband sure did).  Years after our Nana passed, I had my brother build me a weird little display window from one of the windows and I display it for every season.  The spring/Easter Nana Betty window is a little over the top but I like it:
I like crates for dogs.  I know some people think this is cruel but to be honest, my dogs have all loved their crates.  At one point we had three crates for three fairly large dogs--an astonishing thing for a cottage with only 1200 square feet.  Our dogs would sometimes just get tired of commotion of holidays and visits and retreat to their crates.  I recently found these photos and started laughing:

Greta (laying down) moved in with us for a few months while my mother was ill.  After a few weeks, Greta was miffed that the other three dogs had a crate and she didn't.  So she decided to move in and take over Teddy's.  As you can see from those eyes, he wasn't very happy about it and I did have to chase her out of there.  

It's spring, my allergies kicked in with a vengeance yesterday and it's time to do more yardwork (oh goodie, more pollen--yes, I do wear a mask).  I like a funny thing.  My city actually picks up yardwaste as part of their garbage run from spring to fall.  We are the only municipality around here that does this.  It sounds like a funny thing to like but look at it this way.  My property is primarily GARDEN.  Just from the clean up I've done in the front yard, I have three garbage cans and 5 large brown bags full of waste.
Now I have to tackle the back yard and there is more work (and waste) because a lot of branches fell during our storm.  Here is some of the winter carnage:
We may have high taxes but the one thing we do get out of living here (besides a great neighborhood) is this not-so-little convenience.

That's all I have for this week.  I'll see you next week and have a great day!


Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Your Easter window is adorable. Enjoy your day! mary in Az

Unknown said...

My Teddy loves his crate too. Happy gardening!

LA Paylor said...

great post Micki! I left my Like post to drop today, we've been in CO on a fact finding mission. I added in the links and apologize for forgetting them in my pre-trip frenzy. They are up now! The pics of the crate are wonderful. Imagine their eyes if we crawled in there to get away from family hubbub? My niece went in Chelsea's crate and Chelsea said, fine have it, I rather be near the kitchen! I'm full on sick from the trip, I thought it was allergy but suspect it's a nasty cold since my ear closed up and cough keeps me jumping. Oy. Thanks again for being part of this lovely community we are building. Don't you love the varied things people mention? And the people linking are so much fun. One day we'll all have a convention lol!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your Easter window! I've seen people do amazing things decorating with windows. Your dogs are so fun, and the eyes are definitely expressing some dismay there! We're having our usual changeable spring here - possibly 9 inches of snow tomorrow, and that worties me for our trees/branches.

claudia said...

My shepherd loves her crate too! It's her go to place when she is feeling stressed out, which is a normal occurrence for her. (I call her my chicken shepherd or German Chicken!)
I love your Easter window. What a wonderful way to honor your Nana Betty!

Sandra :) said...

Hmmmmmmmmm I don't remember seeing the Nana Betty window display when we were there - maybe I saw it and just didn't recognize the significance! What a lovely memorial in her honour :)

LOL @ Teddy having to share his quarters with his sister - I bet he was glad when she left and he could have his house back to himself ;)

We don't have nearly as much yardwork to do as you have, but we don't enjoy it at all, so we only do the bare minimum out there, to be honest :D I'n not even sure we'll put in a garden this year - last year we didn't get much of a harvest at all, so all the time spent weeding and watering was wasted. We maybe ended up with 12 tomatoes from 6 or 8 plants, haha. It's a TINY garden :D Thanks to yesterday's snow we're half snow, and half grass. The snow will be gone soon, though.

Strange thing about allergies - our oldest son was allergic to something, and every fall he'd sneeze like crazy. It only started when he was in his late teens - I don't know if he ever found out what, exactly, he was allergic to. He took his allergy pills, walked around with Kleenex and a runny nose, and that was just the way it was. Fast forward to a couple of years after he moved into his own house in the next neighbourhood, and we realize that he doesn't have the allergy any more! He says it's because he moved to a better location, LOL :D Whatever plant spores we had at our house, or in this particular area, apparently aren't in the next town and he's allergy free!