Thursday, October 13, 2016

Good Thursday #4

It's been a fairly good week!  Seamus is still having more good days than bad ones and we are hopeful that we will see improved results on his bloodwork (tests are tomorrow).  

Thank goodness Lee Anna has this series.  I don't get to the computer much these days and it is nice to have a day designated to catching up and sharing!

Autumn has descended on the valley.  I started using the oven again this week; it warms up the house so nicely!!!  I've been enjoying a new cook book called Sheet Pan Paleo.

A friend recommended the book because the dinners are easy to make and dirty only one sheet pan.  So far my husband (and my brother-in-law) have liked what I have sheet panned so far :)  I'm also reading the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt.

This past week I finished making 4 patches for my rose quilt.  I'm trying to use up scraps of fabric and make something for the sewing room as well. It's very grey here today so sorry if the photos aren't showing that well, here are the four patches and also a photo of some of the fabrics I'll be using as well.

Years ago, my brother changed the attic from the boys' bedroom to the sewing room.  I didn't have to make any requests; my brother is not even a year younger than me and we know each other so well.  It's nice when you can trust another artist like that.  Anyway, the quilt that I am making now, I will use in the Rose Room during the winter.  

It's still lecture season and tonight I'll be headed north to give another program.  Meanwhile I am almost done with the program I've worked on this past year. 

Last week the Paper Show was in town.  It's one of my favorite local events full of old books, magazines and ephemera.  Here's an adorable photo I found there:

I hope you have a sewful week ahead of you!  Happy Quilting!



LA Paylor said...

wonderful. I am so happy for Seamus.. the miracle of healing energy. Love the idea you are so connected with your brother that he knows what you'd like in a studio space. The fabrics are so pretty.

Mid Atlantic poodle rescue is the group I contacted several times, and hasn't responded to me. I am so disappointed. LeeAnna

Sandra :) said...

Aaaah rats I hit two buttons at once - or something like that - and my comment disappeared into the ether! Recapping ... did you get back Seamus' results from Friday? I hope they're good, and that he continues to recover so we can come visit him (and you, lol) :)

The fabrics for the quilt are lovely, and will look sweet in the rose room. I can say that with certainty since I've been in it, and remember digging through that rack of fat quarters while I was there, looking for something, lol!