Thursday, October 27, 2016

Good Friday #6 More positive likes!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

It's time for another happy Thursday post, inspired by Leeanna at Not Afraid of Color!!!  The weather has turned cool here but happily we are getting much needed rain today!
Seamus continues to progress.  His prednisone was increased this past week and thus far, there have been less side effects than I anticipated.  We'll see how the next few weeks go. 

This past week the Hubs was working in Detroit so I spread my sewing all over the dining room (so I could sew around Seamus who can't do the steps).  I know have 88 rose blocks ready for borders and sashing.  I think this will be enough for two lap quilts.  I really REALLY like using up all this fabric :)  
I'm tired of working in the garden these days.  It's cool and damp and I haven't wanted to do much at all.  I do have to finish up though.  This weekend I hope to plant some spring bulbs, weather permitting.

Also, I have this old quilt that I purchased recently.  It is in much worse shape than I imagined and I am thinking of rescuing the blocks and setting them in another piece because I love them. Maybe something for a wall hanging?  During my childhood, I would have imagined these blocks similar to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (second only to my other favorite book, Little Women).  Now I wonder if they are similar to Harry Potter--do they remind you of that too?  Your insights would be appreciated.  Here are some photos:

Have a wonderful week!


claudia said...

It's so good to hear that Seamus is continuing with his good progress. Does your heart good I am sure!
I love your rose blocks. I have often dreamt of doing a quilt solely in rose fabrics. We'll see though, I have so many things in the works now. I hope I can finish them all!
Those cross stitched blocks are wonderful. It's great that you can save them. I think a wall hanging would be fabulous!

bookkm said...

I think that Harry Potter does match the quilt blocks shown here. Most of those mythical creatures appear in the Harry Potter books and really only appear in The Last Battle of the Narnia series.

LA Paylor said...

Yea for the handsome S-
the blocks are inspiring. Someone took time to handle them, to stitch them. It's been cool, then hot, cool, hot. The leaves don't know which way to turn. I remember when we moved up here and DH went on trips and I took over the dining room! It was fun like camp.

Sandra :) said...

I love good news Seamus reports - he looks very Halloween ready in his bandana - he and Bear probably went out together last night for treats! ;)
The rose blocks are sweet - and probably made a nice dent in stash ... and even more of a dent will be made when you add the borders/backing. Win/win :D The cross-stitch blocks remind me of a pillowcase my mom made for me 45(ish) years ago - it had kitties on it, all hand stitched ... I wish I still had it - I have no idea where it ended up (I can't even remember if it was one pillowcase, or two!). Maybe in someone's collection to be admired and planned around ... just like those x-cross-stitch blocks you have!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Good news about Seamus. Hope he continues to Improve.