Thursday, October 6, 2016

Good Thursday #3

For the first time in months, we are seeing an improvement in Seamus!  All this week he has been playing with his ball, going for longer walks, and torturing the dogs sequestered by houses or fences who aren't taking a walk too.  It's an amazing change and the first good news since May!  His prednisone had been increased and about the second week we saw him perking him up more.  We were told that it takes about two weeks for a difference to be made and we are hoping that we will get good news when he  gets his bloodwork next week.

October is here and I am slowly putting the garden to bed for the season.  I've been plucking a lot of plants out; this year I just want to rework the garden and I'm getting down to the bones of the garden (ornamental trees and bushes) and weeding out flowers I'm tired of (or have become too high maintenance).  It's wonderful not to have the a/c or the heat on and although we still run the fans for Seamus, it's wonderful to be saving on the bills for at least a few months.

 Last week was my birthday.  I always buy myself my own present because my husband is a disaster when it comes to this.  He can never get the day correct and well, I don't want hunting things as a present.  So I buy myself something nice.  Here is the quilt I bought this year:

I call it the fashionista quilt. 
 I haven't found a pattern in any of my books and I'm wondering if the quilter made her own pattern.

From the fabric, I suspect it was made in the late 50s, early 60s.  Anyway I love the quilt!

I hope everyone remains safe with Hurricane Matthew approaching.  I'm praying for you all!  Have a great weekend!


LA Paylor said...

oh how wonderful is that quilt!!! I like anything fifties and this is a real find, so happy birthday!!
Yea for Seamus. He is so handsome, and now he's feisty again, hooray for poodle healing!

Martha said...

Happy Birthday, Mickie! I saw that quilt on ebay, and thought it was so sweet -- I don't believe I've ever seen that pattern before.

Wonderful news about Seamus -- so happy to hear he is feeling more like his old self.

Wonky Girl said...

Happy to hear that your poodle boy is improving. I have two on a liver supplement. Neither were showing signs of illness but problem was caught by blood work. We love our poodles so much, don't we ?