Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Amazing Spiderman Quilt :)

This is a donation quilt for Camp Erin, a bereavement camp for children.  Our guild helps supplies the quilts that the youngsters find on their cots.  

I found the Spiderman fabric on sale last summer and knew it would make a great Camp Erin quilt.  I bought what fabric I could afford and then used up scraps to frame the fabric so it went farther.  The real star on this simple quilt pattern is Terri Trotter's quilting.  

About the time that I sent the quilt to Terri, we did receive an email from Camp Erin requesting that we send some quilts appropriate for boys (or unisex).  I hope the boy who gets this likes Spidey!


Sandra :) said...

Holy smokes that's awesome - now "I" want a Spiderman quilt! While I'm sad that these type of programs are necessary, I'm so glad that lovely people are stepping up to the plate to send loving hugs in the form of a quilt to wrap the kids in - well done, Mickie and Terri!

Martha said...

What a great little quilt, Mickie! Spiderman was always my son's favorite superhero, so he would have loved this. The addition of the scrappy borders and the spidey quilting make it extra-special, and I'm sure the little boy who gets it is going to be so happy.