Friday, March 11, 2016

8 Days Until Spring!

The calendar might say that there are 8 days until Spring but here in eastern Pennsylvania, it feels like Spring Has Sprung!!!  We've been enjoying record breaking warm temperatures, so unusual for the beginning of March, even going as high as 80 degrees F (26 C for my friends in Canada).  I haven't sewn all week, I've been walking Seamus and working, working, working in the garden.

After 4 days of gardening, I'm ready for a break and I think Seamus is too.  Will get some sewing in today.  I hope your Spring has sprung a little early for you too!


Allie-oops Designs said...

Wow jealous you have flowers already - we've gotten chilly again but a warm-up is coming!!! Yay spring!

Sandra :) said...

Spring is here too, YAY :) Last Saturday we went to a house showing (DS2 is looking to buy) and we had to traipse through snow to get to the front door (lazy real estate agents couldn't bother at least doing some minimal work to make the house easy to access??!!) - today we went to the same area and there was no snow to be found. I like spring! No flowers yet, but no snow either, so I'm happy :D We could still get snow and freezing temps, but for now, this is lovely :)

LA Paylor said...

Those crocus! What a good pic. Riot of colors! The very definition of spring color, purple and yellow. A few pink tulips will complete the palette. Hi Seamus! Looking handsome. LeeAnna