Friday, March 18, 2016

Kathy's Quilt

I continue to churn out lap quilts for friends and family.  This quilt is called "Parade of Poppies" dubbed by my friend Diana.  

I gave it to my friend and neighbor Kathy who has had some serious health issues this past year.  She's been dealing with kidney failure and kidney disease and a lot of side effects from the medication.  When I showed her the quilt, she joked, "Oh you could give me that quilt!" and I said, "Good because it is yours!"  She loved it and it goes perfectly with her home decor.
I'm taking it easy this week and haven't done much.  I am coping with some stomach issues and hope to be sewing again on Sunday.  Tomorrow I have a program at the Bethlehem Area Public Library so I'm off to get ready for that.  Have a wonderful day!


Martha said...

A hand made quilt is such a comforting and loving gift. You are a good friend, Mickie, and I love the photo of your friend with her quilt.

LA Paylor said...



Sandra :) said...

I love that quilt - especially the fabrics! Best wishes for Kathy, and I hope you're feeling better as well :)

Allie said...

Oh bless her, what a beautiful quilt and so lovely of you to give it to her!! I'll pray for her. I hope you're feeling better quickly, girl!