Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The four letter word: SNOW

On Monday it was in the 80s and so warm in my house, the a/c turned on for a while.  Today it is in the 20s with the windchills in the teens.  Last night we had the dreaded white stuff.  It's a pretty late time of the spring for snow:


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Sandra :) said...

Our *dreaded 4 letter word* started very early yesterday morning, and continued ALL DAY LONG, into the evening. It's still here, actually - and has completely covered the ground. We had rain yesterday that melted some of it, then it turned back into snow and recovered the parts that had uncovered. I'm pretty certain we're not getting summer this year - YIKES! Current temp -7C, feels like -11C (that's 21F, feels like 12F). Colour me ... NOT IMPRESSED!