Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day with Jenny

Jenny is my cousin-niece.  My aunt and uncles and I are in the same age group and my Nana pretty much raised us all.  One of my uncles is even younger than me!  Jenny is the youngest of our kids and used to come over to play with my granddaughter and do Christmas crafts with us.

So Jenny is in her first year of college.  She is taking a craft class in college and had to make a project so she chose making a quilt with Auntie Mickie!  We chose a medallion style quilt because it was easier for her.  This is a girl who admitted yesterday, "I've never ironed before."  She also never had even seen a person sewing on a machine while growing up.  It's a shame for this generation.  It was a comforting sound to grow up with...those of you who grew up with that kind of music know it too.

So she sewed for the first time, and ironed first time, and we birthed this and quilted it:
She took home a ton of buttons and embellishments and is going to sew them on the piece.  I am looking forward to seeing what she does.  It seemed like she wasn't going overboard with the embellishments (always a good thing).
She was a natural, by the way, and I told her that.  She also fell in love with my stash (always a good sign). If she put her mind to it, she definately could become a quilter!

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Sandra :) said...

YAY it seems like the next generation is on board - always a good thing! Hi, Jenny - you're a lovely young lady, and I'm glad you went to Auntie Mickie for some sewing guidance - she's a sweetie pie :) Your quilt is beautiful - I'm looking forward to seeing your embellishments :)