Saturday, April 12, 2014

Go Seamus!

Seamus and I go to the park to play ball.  It's a great exercise for him and since the road is closed (due to bridge construction) it tends to be quiet.  Last week we had forgotten it might be recess time for the elementary school.  I thought the kids across the street were headed to the playground next door, and as they waited, they started to applaud Seamus every time he caught the ball....
The teachers brought the kids across the street and said it was okay to bring Seamus (the therapy dog) over to say hi.  After a series of pets for Seamus and an assurance that they didn't want to play in the muddy field we were in, we went back to ball.  The kids and teachers continued to watch, and then the kids started to do sports cheers for Seamus ("Doggy, doggy he's our man...").   I swear Seamus loved all the attention and the kids had me giggling too! 

Hope your day is full of that kind of joy!  Gooooooo Seamus!


Martha said...

What fun for you and Seamus and the kids -- plus it looks you're finally having some spring weather. Go Seamus!

Sandra :) said...

Famous Seamus, lol!