Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Asian inspired:

Throw quilt completed! 
 I found this wonderful Asian inspired print:
 To match a number of wonder blocks I had:
I think the fabric was exactly what I needed.  I have a few wonder blocks left and am going to use those for another project and then I can scratch these UFO blocks off my list!
How's life where you are?

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Sandra :) said...

OH I remember that project - it turned out fabulous! Perfect for a throw for a couch, for watching tv during chilly nights :)

I just got back from a walk with my neighbour - we walked in t-shirts, it's so nice out - I LOVE IT! I'm not checking the forecast to see when this Indian summer will end - I want it to last forever, lol.

Today I have a plumber (my friend's kiddo, same age as my oldest) coming to replace some plumby things in our house, and then I'm headed downstairs to work on Madelena's quilt. I want to make Thanksgiving finger puppets for the littlies so I need to decide what I'm making, and make a list of felt colours to pick up - hopefully hubby will drive me to the fabric or craft store tonight for a felt run :D We're going home next weekend to spend Thanksgiving with my family - I CAN'T WAIT!!! I haven't seen g-nephew LL (Lleyton) since March - now he's walking and getting into everything - I've told his grammie I'm taking him for a walk in the forest - I want that to become a Thanksgiving tradition with him :)