Friday, January 25, 2013

Thank you Martha!

It's funny how well we can all get to know each other via  the internet, isn't it?  I just received this awesome children's handkerchiefs in the mail from Martha and I am just ga-ga about them.  Thank you so much Martha!  They are adorable and will be absolutely treasured!!!  The one with the little boy and the goose (biting the boy) even brought back a memory for me!  When my son was about 18 months old we would walk to the park and feed the ducks and geese.  One goose bit Peter but he didn't cry, just wanted to bite the goose back :D

Thank you Martha, this was so sweet of you and I will be displaying these in my little doll area! 


Allie said...

ADORABLE!!!! Martha is just the sweetest!

Sandra :) said...

I think I've seen the park you're talking about - bad goose biting a baby - BAD! Sweet hankies - I think Jack and Jill is my favourite!

Martha said...

I'm so glad you liked the hankies, Mickie. Thank you for sending me the beautiful reproduction fabric to use in my triangle quilt -- it is perfect!