Thursday, January 31, 2013

A couple more finishes off my list:

An early post because my husband is coming home this weekend and I am not sure I will have time to post my finishes on February 2.   But the good news is==I have a few more UFOs to check off my list!  I was more productive at the beginning of the month than the end but I will take any check on my list I can get.  I should also say that there was a project that I just tossed because I didn't want it anymore and it was annoying me to look at it.  So here is what is done:  
Mug Rugs

Table square made with left over blocks

 2 premie quilts ready for our guild!  6 down, 26 to go! :) 
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sandra :) said...

Any checkmark is a GOOD one! Well done getting rid of one of the projects (who needs the headache of a project that annoys? LOL!) and then getting the others done --- 6 off the list in January is a heck of a good start to your year! I've only crossed 1 off of 15 :D