Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Pop" goes the appliances...

Ever have a string of similar problems?  Right now my challenge are electrical things.  Fortunately if things come in three, then I am done.  First my sewing machine jammed so I took it to be repaired.  I got it back on Friday and guess what, it jammed again on Saturday.  The repairman called yesterday and apologized, he has now figured out what is wrong and replaced the part.

Then the printer/scanner died.  It was less than $100 when I bought it about 7 years ago, so we got our money out of it, I just wasn't expecting to deal with that kind of problem!

And of course, I went upstairs to the sewing room last night, turned on the light and there was an awful "pop"!  My old beautiful light has finally died and I am so bummed about it.  The fixture was from the original  electrification of the cottage and was a thick beautiful glass piece with floral basket design inbedded in it.  Mr. 3PandN says the base is shot and that is all there is to it.  :(  I'll keep the glass and try to figure out something to do with it:

Anyway, at least I can post one transfer I got scanned.  If you right click it, you should be able to capture it pretty well.  I think it would be cute on a bib.  Anyway, I'm off to look at light fixtures for my room.  Hope I find something wonderful!
Hugs to all and have a great week!


Sandra :) said...

That electrician that was at your house 2 months ago apparently didn't check your light - shame on him!!! ;)

Sorry about your electrical problems - I don't generally have to worry about those (LOL!) but I do go through more than my fair share of sewing machine problems, ARGH!!! I guess if it isn't one thing - it's another!

That's a very cute pupper - he would also look cute on a sweet little gift bag!

Sarah said...

I cherish our old light fixtures, too. They don't make them like they used to. I am resisting putting in new windows as well, because I like the wavy glass in some of our single-pane windows. Not very energy smart however. Oh well.....
Cool little doggie. :-)