Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting caught up

A few weeks ago, I attended the Keystone Quilters Guild show. This guild always has one or two rummage rooms that allow you to pick up some things at minimum costs. I didn't buy much but I did pick up a stack of these squares. After many washings, they finally looked bright and cheerful.  The colors remind me so much of my Pennsylvania Dutch style kitchen,

There was a time when I didn't appreciate these primary colors but now they appeal to me in a nostalgic, cheerful way.  So yesterday I used them up.   I made a table square:
 And a set of lined napkins:
 And then I finished these placemats that had been on my to-do list of years:
Actually, I have a long list of placemats I've wanted to make and hope to get some of them done this month.  We'll see how that goes!


Wonky Girl said...

Wowie girl, you have been very busy! I like what you did with the squares. Your table will look bright and cheery.

Sandra :) said...

Very pretty - you got a lot done!

Karen said...

I think you scored with a vintage fabric purchase and made good use of them. A good nostalgic feel.