Thursday, September 30, 2021

I like Thursdays: September 30, 2021

 It's hard to believe that it is the last day of September!  I may be sad that the garden is beginning to fade but I'm grateful for cooler temperatures and have already turned my head to preparations for winter projects.

Today is "I like Thursdays" and time to celebrate the good things in life!  Visit Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color for more fun posts!

I finished the squirrel t-towels for my neighbors.  It's a celebration of squirrels.  The elderly couple don't get many visitors so Scout and I visit them every evening and our dogs bark at the squirrels.  The squirrels really delight the dogs...and my elderly friends.  So making them these towels was a lot of fun.  They loved them!

Now there are new competitors for the peanuts the couple give the squirrels.  Apparently bluejays love peanuts too and they often swoop down to steal peanuts before the baby squirrels can get them.

Jay in the tree

The birds don't try these shenanigans against the adult squirrels though.  My parents had friends from New Zealand that they met abroad.  When the couple came to the states to visit and stay with my folks a few weeks, all they wanted was to photograph squirrels for their nieces and nephews.  Apparently there are no squirrels in New Zealand and the kids really wanted to see what they looked like in their own environment!

It's a clean-up and organize time of year for me.  I'm gradually cleaning out the garden and also the scrap bins and baskets.

Scraptember will continue through October.  I've made these blocks and 75 four patches (not including four patches for kid quilts) so far and have so many more to go.  The aqua pinwheels aren't even half finished but I'm hoping to have enough to make a lap quilt.  I'm sure all of you understand that the more you use them up, the more you find.  

For right now, this is enough of a project for me.  Mom is having surgery soon and there are always appointments to schedule.  Tomorrow she gets her covid booster.

My sewing machine isn't back yet so I'm happily piecing these blocks with my featherweight!  When I think of how old this machine is, I just marvel!

I don't have time to watch tv until the evening.  I was happy to hear that Restoring Galveston (one of my favorite DIY shows) was picked up by the Magnolia channel.  Last night a new show on HGTV interested me:  Houses with History.  It was a good show and I look forward to watching more episodes.

Mostly I'm appreciating the calm days we are experiencing right now.  I hope you are enjoying a peaceful lull too!

Have a safe and happy day!


Libby in TN said...

NZ may not have squirrels, but they have another animal (whose name escapes me) with the softest fur ever. I enjoy Restoring Galveston, as well.

Kathryn said...

Such a detailed embroidery pattern. Where did you get it? If I made it, it would have to be as a gift for someone else because squirrels are my husband's nemesis. He and his 'Have a heart' trap have relocated many squirrels from our backyard to the fish hatchery neighborhood.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

As I said before, I love those embroideries. Neddy has learned to chase the squirrels here and I'm so glad they can run up trees. I love these shows about redoing especially old houses. It's like comfort food to me to watch. Meanwhile, I mentioned your other blog in my post today as it suited so well my theme. Take care.

Robin said...

I enjoy squirrels too. I wish they weren't such stinkers sometimes. They sure are smart. Thanks for the heads-up about the new show.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I think squirrels (and blue jays) are endlessly entertaining! I love those towels you embroidered for your neighbors, too. You're making some pretty blocks with your scraps - I'll enjoy seeing what you do with them!

PaintedThread said...

Love those squirrels! Very cute. What lovely piles of little blocks.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele! I hope surgery goes well for your Mom. Who knew that bluejays liked peanuts?!!! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. ~smile~ Roseanne