Thursday, March 1, 2018

I like Thursdays, March 1, 2018

🎂Happy Birthday Scout and Milo!  Today is their first birthday!🎂

Scout and Milo are siblings.  Milo is part of LeeAnna's family--our hostess with the mostess for the "I Like Thursdays" celebrations (here).

Milo, the day we picked up our babies!

Scout-tessa in June,

We will go for a special walk today at the small park and have a birthday visit with Greta!

19 days until Spring!
The aconite are blooming!
Robins are singing and the willow trees are starting to yellow-up!

This past week, Scout went for a grooming.  She was very matted, mostly from the cone she was wearing on her head and of course the snow does a nice number on poodles' fur.  Unfortunately, the clump on her head had to be removed although the groomer left her with "bangs":
She doesn't look bad from the front.  But then she walks by and you see her flat head:

She reminded me of a haircut from the 1950s.  You've seen Lucille Ball sport this with a lot of curls around the forehead.
The hairstyle was called "the poodle cut"!

Carol and I went shopping and I finally found some fabric to buy.
I realized I was almost completely out of fabric for a baby quilt.I love this Robert Kauffman fabric!
 I was out of cat fabric and this is terrific!
 Plus some Fat 1/8ths for donation quilts!

With the warmer weather, Scout and I have been walking more.  We went to the "big park" yesterday.  I like that there are all kinds of sculptures there.  This was a new one I hadn't seen before:
An old favorite of mine had a rose placed on the sculpture.  I wasn't sure why but my friend suggested it was because of the shooting at Parkland.
I have a great admiration for the children in Florida and others that are organizing protests to ban assault weapons.  We hope to attend a local march on March 24.

Have a sweet and peaceful week!


Shannon said...

Happy birthday to Scout! It’s so nice the weather is warming up and giving more walks for everyone!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele,
19 days!! We can do it! HB to Scout! I hope he is enjoying his special day. Poor baby with the haircut but I suspect it will grow back rather quickly. That kitty fabric is so cute - I especially like the one with closed eyes but a satisfied smile on its face. Fat 1/8ths are a great idea - I am wanting to make an I Spy quilt for Dominic. I'll need to get a bunch of different fabrics to represent all kinds of different things to peek his interest. Oh, and David Bowie - what a loss, and I hope to march on the 24th as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hooray for Spring getting closer and closer - there are signs all around us! I love the poodle cut photo of Lucille Ball and the similarity to Scout's recent haircut - aren't you glad it will grow out?

LA Paylor said...

I've left three emails asking for your addy again. I have a little gift for scout-tessa. Happy birthday! Did you wonder at times if we'd make it a year? I did a post of baby to now photos of Milo. I like your likes, the David Bowie quote, the gunshine state may not listen to it's children but they are forming opinions and like Scout will grow and they will vote one day. Luckily these poodles grow hair almost immediately. I was lucky Milo didn't get matted from the cone, but then again we didn't leave it on all the time so maybe that's why. Shhh don't tell the vet. He is healing perfectly despite us. Spring will come again. LOL at Lucy!

Angie in SoCal said...

Love your new fabric - those kitties look so real. Thanks for sharing the good things in your days.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Lucy's photo is funny. Scout looks very sweet. Love the Bowie quote. I wish we had a park with sculptures close by. Enjoy!

PaintedThread said...

I love Scout's grey face.

I've seen buds... makes me happy! Love the fabric and the sculptures. Fun stuff. :-)

Sandy said...

Oh! I didn't realise Scout and Milo were siblings!
Is the new sculpture a Henry Moore or Barbara Hepworth?
I didn't realise Lucille Ball's hairstyle was called a Poodle cut! How fun.

I thought it was funny when you said you 'Finally' found fabric to buy, Like you have been in a fabric desert! How good of you to be making all the charity quilts. said...

Happy Birthday Scout. I am jealous you have flowers showing. I have lots of dead brown stuff. LOL Great sculptures.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Happy Birthday Scout!!! I remember that poodle cut - I think I had it once.