Thursday, March 15, 2018

I like Thursday, March 15, 2018

Linking up to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for this week's post of positive energy.

5 days until spring!

Honestly I can't wait for it to warm a bit and I can start working in the garden!  It's been terribly windy this month and we've had a number of nor easter snow storms passing through.  We are all ready for a true spring to arrive!

I'm working on my list of tops I'd like to complete this summer.  My guild does a challenge each year and we show our pieces at our annual potluck dinner.  This year I LOVE the challenge.  This year it is called "Panel Play" and we are encouraged to use a panel from our stash.  There are two categories one can compete in:  a quilted or non quilted piece (non quilted pieces would be purses, jackets, etc).  

I sometimes have problems with challenges.  Sometimes the perimeters are too narrow to inspire creativity or it might mean buying something that I don't  wish to buy.  This challenge defies those problems and what makes it brilliant is that most quilters have a stack of panels in our stash.  I know that I often have buyers remorse a year after I've purchased a panel.  

I'm very jazzed about this challenge and yesterday worked out the math for one piece I'm hoping to sew.  
I've wanted to use this panel for a long time.  That brings me to my second like:  I like Mary Engelbreit and her fabrics!  They are cheerful and colorful and I enjoy the fun nature of her illustrations.

I've been in a creative funk for months and this past week I visited my friend and sometimes business partner Beth.  She gave me a tutorial the Blind Applique technique she uses.  It is very relaxing and I've been basting pieces to apply to a project in the works.  It shakes out the cobwebs in my brain to do something very different!

I like a few of the things I purchased at the flea market last week.  You saw the hankie wreath but I also purchased this little duck pitcher:
I also found these beautiful framed pieces.  At first I thought they were pressed flowers but they were delicate embroideries!  I haven't found exactly where I would like to hang them yet but they would look great in my dining room.  My friend Linda (best decorator I know) will help me choose a place for them.

Lastly this week I like Scout's current favorite toy at night--Kongs!  

I usually keep her kong on a shelf in the kitchen but couldn't find it for two nights.  DANG!  We went to the petstore yesterday and purchased a new smaller one.  I gave it to her last night and she was so pleased!  And then, 5 minutes after she finished her Kong, she brought the original one to me.  The little minx!  She had hidden her big Kong.  I'm still not sure where she had it but I'm wondering what else I will eventually find in her secret hiding place.
As my husband says, it's a good thing she is so adorable!

Have a good and safe week!
Think Spring!


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I tell my dogs they're so lucky I love them (when they do something they shouldn't). They get a kong with peanut butter and coconut oil every evening after their supper and would be brokenhearted I think if I didn't do it now. THose embroideries are a real find...I love them as well as the jug.
Another Mary whose work I like...her children are adorable and I like her quotes as well.

Libby in TN said...

Your duck pitcher is so sweet; I wouldn't have been able to pass it up, either. I like working with panels. They really speed up the piecing process!

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Love that panel. I also always enjoy Mary's work. Those two embroideries are so well done! That was so cute how Scout his his Kong. Have a great day. mary in Az

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Only 5 days until Spring - hooray! I love that little duck pitcher, too. Glad you found some creative mojo in trying something new - we all need that sometimes!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele,
HAHAHA - yes, I wonder what else Scout has in her special hiding place?!! She is pretty darn adorable, especially in the picture you shared. Those embroidery pictures you found are exquisite! Wow, to think someone took the time to make them and then they or family got rid of them. Your luck! I don't have too many panels in my stash - only one that I can think of. Oh, those flowers - we will be enjoying them soon, right?!!? ~smile~ Roseanne

Sandy said...

Love the little duck jug. Looks like it is spot on for colour...even the blog colour!
Good idea to have a challenge to do something with panels.

Julierose said...

I'm a big ME fan too, love her calendars...and keeping up with SALs and various patterns just is not my style ...I always get off onto another tangent it in Michaels or JoAnnes--I get distracted way too easily...anyway--thanks for your nice messages on my blog hope to be back full time soon hugs, Julierose

LA Paylor said...

Love ME
Scout... you and milo are both very mischievous. She has a slightly more grown up look now that she's a whole one year old. Such a cute picture. What do you put in the kong? Mil seldom plays with his but if it had something good like coconut or P-butter. How do you make sure it's not messy? said...

I like the panel challenge idea. LOL the Kong. Bobbin has jingle balls that she plays with. She discovered a way to get into the back of the recliner and retrieve them when they roll under. I agree spring seems to be taking her sweet time arriving.

PaintedThread said...

Scout is cute. I tell Wedgwood she's lucky she's adorable, too. Such badness! Love those embroidered flowers. Ahh... flowers - I'm really looking forward to see the crocuses start to bloom.