Thursday, January 25, 2018

I like Thursdays, January 25, 2017

54 days until Spring!

It's another day to reflect on what is good in our worlds and to join us, please visit LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color!

I was proud of all that turned out for the Women's March!  We watched from the sidelines as I nurse an injured knee (fell down the basement steps, UGH).  Speaking as a grandmother, I must admit this was my favorite sign:
Scout was spayed on Monday and is home recovering.  I'm grateful that my friend Carol has been around to help me!  Scout appears to be doing better than any of my other dogs; this time the vet had a new method I could opt for after the surgery:  a laser treatment that is supposed to speed healing.
She seems to maneuver well with her cone, despite the fact that it is huge (it was a cone we bought for Teddy and he was a large dog).  She has two weeks of quiet before her sutures are removed which might help heal my knee quicker too.  She's adapted.   
The cone helps wrangle toys, collects biscuits and the velcro on the side often has a toy to stuck to it!  

I like that once I embraced the snow and hung my little wall hanging, the snow stopped falling, the weather warmed up and the snow melted!

Remember tv trays?
I like tv trays!
For years I had thought about the old tv trays and that they would be useful.  Brad and I found some on at a local yard sale and I bought a set for $2.  They are useful! 
 They come in handy for humidifiers, quilt blocks and a variety of other things!
Speaking of quilt blocks, I like when math works out.  I was worried that the orange fabric I had chosen for this I-spy donation quilt would not be enough for my quilt.  I finished the blocks yesterday with one strip to spare!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele,
TV Trays!! I love them, too. I have a wooden set that I purchased when I got my first house in 1986. My mom had the metal kind. I also LOVE that you are counting down to Spring for us! Thank you, thank you. Just think, next week it will be in the 40s. Woot woot! Aww, Scout looks so darn cute in the cone. And the toy stuck to the velcro is adorbs. ~smile~ Roseanne

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I need more tv trays, too. I use one next to me at the sewing machine with a small iron for quick presses. I made the small ironing pad on it. I use another to expand the table area for my machine quilting. But, I now realize I could have used one for the humidifier a few weeks ago! I loved that kid's sign. It covers everything. Have a great day! mary in Az

Shannon said...

Ooh! I love those TV Trays! They remind me of a set my Grandmother used to have! What fun! And I hope your doggy heals up well! The soft cone is pretty cool, our dogs have always hated theirs, but the only kind we have is the old plastic kind that looks like a martini glass. My sister's dog used to run at you at top speed and ram you with the edge of it, he was not the kind you could get to "rest quietly" after surgery, causing much turmoil....

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

One more week closer to Spring, yay! I love the cone on Scout - how funny that she can use it to hold onto things! We haven't had TV trays in a long time, but many times I've thought how handy it would be to have some again - and not necessarily to eat on. :)

PaintedThread said...

Love that sign (the kid holding it is cute, too). Yay for an uneventful spay. I'm amused by that cone (looks more comfortable than the plastic ones).

Oh, that metal TV tray brings back memories. :-) said...

I agree TV trays are awesome. I need a new one, for a pressing station. So was the laser a surgery option? Bobbin needs to be spayed soon, but she is so tiny, it is expensive. Like your eye spy quilt. Sorry but Scout's Cone of Shame (movie Up reference) and the toy stuck to it made me chuckle.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Scout looks so happy playing in your last post and I'm sure he'll be just as happy soon.
Sorry to hear about your knee...falls are so scary. Heal fast the two of you!
We still have a few t.v. trays around and I use them under potted plants. They are very useful things and I could well use a few more. I never see them anymore.
I'll be happy to move into the next month too. Love those I Spy quilts!

Sandy said...

Poor Scout with the cone. But looks like it is working alright for her. Did you make it? or what company is it from?

I think the idea of a soft one might work for Holly. When she gets nervous about stuff, she chews at her feet. (Could be anything random!) and of course, chews even more when we can't see her. So, then you suddenly discover she has made her pad sore or has an ulcer on the side of her 'wrist'. It would at least mean you could more easily do something about getting it better. She has learned how to take the bandages off...even that gripping tape which is not supposed to be easy to remove.