Thursday, November 30, 2017

I Like Thursday: November 30, 2017

Good Morning!  Hope you are having a wonderful week!  Well the first like I have is the wonderful feast prepared by my son Peter and daughter-in-law Jessica!  It was a wonderful day and we can't thank them enough for the great feast!  I'm so grateful to have these two fantastic people in my life!

It's the last day of November and I am definately thinking of Christmas these days!  Have you started your preparations yet?

I like that we don't do a lot of shopping.  The grandkids will get money and some small things this year.  They can pick out their own video games and electronic doo-dads. 

I  like that my daughter-in-law buys me a star each year for our tree and this year we used them all on the tiny tree we purchased:
I'm keeping decorations minimal this year but more than we did last year.  Here is our Christmas window.  For new readers, this is a window that came from my Nana's house years ago and my brother crafted this to a free standing piece that I can decorate each season.  Here is this year's window dressing:

I like wooden shoes. 
I used to put a couple of pairs on my big Christmas tree years ago.  This year I found a new pair at a local antique show; they are button-licious!
Just perfect for Pearlies!
I love that the crafter used the buttons to make buckles:

I like little surprises.  I'm sick with a cold right now but I found some sweetness in my remedies.  Apparently some manufacturers supply positive messages in their products, check out the Halls lozengers:

I also like this new tea that my friend recommended.  It is called "Throat Coat" and it is a tea that does truly soothe one's throat.  Here too was some inspiration on the tags of the bags.  Each one a different quote:

How are you doing?  If you are interested in more positive energy, visit LeeAnna for all the participants in this day!

Have a wonderful week!


LA Paylor said...

lovely! And all that and being sick too! Gotta check out the tea for sure. I do like zinc lozenges and honey but a tea would be great.
Let Scout lick you well.


Home Sewn By Us said...

Good Morning Michele,
I hope you are feeling better. At least you will have the cold behind you before all the business of December set in. We too are having not a lot of shopping to do. There are only four little kiddos - all the older ones get money so they can buy what they want. That makes it much easier on me! I love all the stars on your tree, and that looks like a pickle ornament? If it is one, I have the exact same one on my tree each year (it was my mom's). Enjoy your week and get some rest so you are all better. ~smile~ Roseanne

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I also have a small table tree now that we moved to a smaller home 2 years ago. But, I love your stars. Hope you are well soon. Better to get that out of the way before Christmas! mary in Az

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Sorry you have a cold but who knew there were so many helpful sayings tucked into medicine and tea (which I have noted); what a great idea.
Your ornaments are so sweet and your Nana's window so special.
Gift cards are big here too esp. for the teenagers. And they do make the shopping easier.
I can't believe December is almost here!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's so fun to pull out the Christmas decorations! I love your window idea and the stars on your little tree. How sweet of your daughter-in-law to give you a new one each year!

PaintedThread said...

Colds are no fun. Feel better soon! I've baked most of my holiday cookies, and am hoping the photos for my cards will come soon. So I'm well into holiday prep. I like your decorations, and those wooden shoes are cool! said...

Pretty tree, and love your decorations. The wooden shoes are very cute, and the window is awesome. Feel better...adore the little affirmations on the cough drops and tea bags.

Sandra :) said...

I'm glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and I hope you're feeling better :) I must have caught your cold from reading your blog (LOL) - it's hammering me. I haven't been able to go to aquafit and I even had to cancel the weekly dinner where my kids come over to visit and eat (and take home leftovers) - that didn't make me very happy! I spend the days and nights either waiting to take pills, or waiting for the pills to kick in, or, in the 1-3 hours of relief I get from the 6 hour pills (boo), I'm waiting wait for the inevitable fadeing away of the relief so I can (boo again) be headachey until it's time for more :D 6 hours? I don't think so! Oh well - it's not the flu, so I'm thankful for that, and I know I'll be on the mend by the end of the week, so I'm just taking things easy until it lifts.

I bought an Instant Pot during the Black Friday sales (our stores in Canada are really starting to follow the Black Friday phenomenon) and I'm quite enjoying it! I was telling my kids about how it can cook meat from frozen, and the younger one went out and bought one for himself, LOL. This would be the kid (well, he's not really a kid - he's 27, hehe) that has been known to eat a can of pineapple for supper - and when he brought the machine home, he immediately made a pot roast with potatoes and carrots in it. WHAT??! I stared at my box for 4 days before I got up enough nerve to open it, and then I stared at the pot itself for another 2 days before I even tried it! And Mr. Pineapple makes himself a pot roast on day 1, LOL! I hope he enjoys it - and I hope it means that he'll be eating more than just pineapple and pickles :D