Thursday, November 16, 2017

I like Thursday: November 16, 2017

It's Thursday and time for another "I like" post!  Please visit all the participants; you can find them and our hostess with the mostess at LeeAnna's blog here.

I like doing the craft fair with Carol last Sunday.  We had a great time; it's much easier to have a table when you share it with a friend.  The turn-out wasn't that great but Carol and I both did well and more importantly, we had fun!

Here are some photos of our table:

 Carol's aprons above and some bottles she made below:

I like these signs that have been appearing in our neighborhood.  I'm not sure where they come from or how to get them.  There are a variety of them and I think they speak well of our community:

I got a new cover for our sofa and like it very much.  It needs laundering and ironing but I thought I would photograph it to see how I like it.

I like Scout!  She is totally healthy although still in heat.  The vet warned us to be on the look for male dogs because she is now in the "will mate and get pregnant" phase.  We have to be with her whenever she is out and we warned to go out before her to make sure there are no boys in our yard.

Lately, I've been enjoying watching her settle down for bed.  I've been taking photos of them for a "let sleeping dogs lie" montage:

We call this style of sleeping:  havoc:  tear apart the bed, hump it (we think because of heat), and then finally be worn out and sleeping.

"The air mattress pose":  getting a good draft under the bed.

"The snuggle" : this happens with some of her toys.  She is very fond of this dog toy:

"Sleeping smiling baby":  one of our favorite poses.  I just melt when I see her like this.

Have a wonderful week!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Wow, I like those signs, too! I would put those in my yard. Glad you had fun at the craft show and sold some of your cards. Great photos of Scout! Sleeping dog photos are always so much fun!

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Love your sofa cover! Glad you did well at your craft sale. I'm appearing in one Wednesday. Those photos of Scout are so cute. mary in Az

Sandra :) said...

I opened this post the day you sent it up - and have had it open in my browser since then! I'm glad you did well and had a good time - too bad that the turnout wasn't greater, but I bet you got to talk to some interesting people and hopefully went home with less than you started out with :D You seemed to have lots of goodies between you, and not surprisingly I'm intrigued by the lovely fabrics I see :) I think the aprons were all Carol's? I wonder if she noticed any reduction in stash with all that sewing? :D Sometimes it doesn't seem to work that way, but hopefully it did for her :) What are the Nine Patch Notes I see on the table, far right, in front of the rack - and what are the goodies on the rack?

Sandy said...

Hi Michele,
I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.
I love the dog photos. Our dog sleeps with her head falling out, too.
There is one settee she can go on. Often I go past and she is sleeping with her head hung way over upside down. Maybe it gives your brain a break!
Sandy in the UK