Thursday, December 15, 2016

I like Thursdays #9

Well thank goodness for LeeAnna's Thursday round-up of of positive energy!  This week my number one thing that I like--

Christmas presents are completed and wrapped!!!

My husband and I have seriously cut back on holiday presents.  The grandkids are getting older, our kids need less and we just want to be with our family on the holidays.  It's a huge relief.

This year, I made a quilt for my friend's two young granddaughters.  I took all my Christmas scraps and put together this quilt:

With fun fabrics:
Yes, lots of dogs :)
The youngest girl loves LOVES her dolls and I had two blocks left so I put together a matching doll quilt.

I like themed presents!!!

I love matroyshkas (nesting dolls) and love theme presents even more.  The girls' quilts have matroyshkas quilted on them:
Even the doll quilt! My quilter, Terri Trotter, reduced the scale and was kind enough to do the doll quilt in a smaller scale:

Last but not least, I bought each of the girls a nesting doll:

 I like the smell of a freshly cleaned room!!!  I've been baking and doing some (late) fall cleaning.  It's a lot of work but there is a feeling of cheerfulness in a freshly scrubbed room that just can't be beat!  

My oldest and dearest friend and I have a great relationship--we don't swap clothing or jewelry, but furniture and home decor. Shopping at each other's home is SO AFFORDABLE! 😊  Two weeks ago, Linda brought the bookcase I requested.  It fit perfectly by the front door and holds our Christmas tree.

For now, Seamus is holding his own.  His last blood results were not good but his meds have been adjusted again.  I have to hold on to the fact that he is playing more and everyone is commenting that he seems like his old self.  The next set of tests are after the holiday.  Seamus does NOT LIKE how much baking I've been doing.  Yes, dogs can communicate!!! I walked into the living room to see him camped out by the door and lobbying for a game of ball at the park.

This is all I have for this week!  Have a safe and pleasant week and stay warm!!!


LA Paylor said...

I just love the quilt. I like lots of print from a holiday and this gives great focus on special fabrics. I like a freshly cleaned room too... I don't clean but I remember a clean room.
Oh Seamus. Sometimes it's just what the lab in my recent animal post taught me, do what you can and try to find joy in it. You are such a sweet boy. Hi to the others too!LeeAnna

claudia said...

I hope Seamus' next round of tests come out good. At least he is wanting to play! That is always a good sign1
Love the blankets! They are so colorful! I love color!
Clean room? Ummm, what is this you speak of? Not here, it's not for the lack of trying, it's just that all the furbabies and humans come up behind me and undo everything!