Thursday, December 8, 2016

I like Thursdays, # 8!

I am happy to finally have the time to post!  I LOVE "I like Thursdays" and you can learn more about this at the website of our wonderful hostess-with-the-most-ess, Leeanna, here.

I like spending time with my son and daughter-in-law (okay, I love it!).  As usual, they had a wonderful spread for Thanksgiving at their apartment in Philadelphia.  I love their apartment, it is huge and spacious and we all fit with plenty of room to spare.  And then there is the food, both Peter and Jess are foodies (Jess being the primo-cook) so the dinner is always wonderful.  

They both love to travel and Jessica recently returned from two weeks in Japan.  She brought some neat souvenirs for us but my favorite is this wonderful scarf which I REALLY like--isn't it fab?

Last week my girlfriends and I went on our annual shopping spree at the Indie Craft Fair here in Allentown.  It is the BEST place to get fun and funky gifts for the kids.  This year, I found a pillow for Peter's office:
Where else could you find an Isaac Asimov pillow?

Peter loved Asimov as a young boy.  He was so thrilled when he could go see the writer at one of our local colleges:

I framed some of the photos from that day for Peter as well.  I hope he will really like it!

I also like that we've downsized Christmas.  I'm enjoying it more without all the work and pressure (yes, I put the stress on myself).  

Seamus is holding his own and except for the never ending string of gray days, life is good!  Hope you are finding wonderful things to like too!


LA Paylor said...

how fun the post was. I like seeing a glimpse into my quilty friend's lives. Your son and dil are so beautiful. So's that scarf. We simplified this year too. I like all the details, and this year I like the simplicity. I need to come up for the indie fair. Remind me for next year!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

There's nothing like getting to see a favorite author in person! How fun for your son to meet Isaac Asimov! That pillow will be perfect for him. My son is a huge Star Trek fan and he got to go to Las Vegas to the 50th anniversary convention last summer, and meet so many of the actors and other people involved. He was in heaven! Christmas is much simpler for us these days too, and I really enjoy it that way! Happy Thursday to you!

bookkm said...

Lucky you! That scarf is beautiful. AND you got to hear Isaac Asimov! Peter is lucky to have a mom like you.

claudia said...

Fun post! That scarf is beautiful! You have a wonderful DIL and son! Love the pillow of Isaac Asimov! I always s like different things like that for gift giving. Something no one would ever expect!
Happy to hear Seamus is still doing well. You aren't alone on those grey days...we all have a stake in them now I believe!