Thursday, September 22, 2016

I "Like" Thursday, #1

Lee Anna over at Not Afraid of Color has started a new kind of posting entitled  "I Like Thursdays". So I thought I would join in.  

Why do I like Thursdays?  Well first off I get to put out yard waste on a Thursday.  This is a big thing to a gardener.  Very few municipalities collect yard waste and I figure if I have to pay really high taxes, I should get something out of it.  So I put out at least 4 cans of yard waste a week (there is no limit!!!).

Thursday is also the day the Farmer's Market opens.  Only a few blocks from my house, it's where I get all my meats and vegies each week.  It's indoors so the climate there is always comfortable.  We are lucky with this market.  It's open from Thursday through Saturday so if the kids suddenly come home or I forgot something, I can still run out and get it.

This past week, I finished a great book.  It's called The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts and I highly recommend it.  I don't know anything about horses and still found it gripping and enjoyable.  

I hope your Thursday is going wonderfully.  I'm off to do some hand sewing now.  Have a wonderful day!


LA Paylor said...

I think I lost my comment, if it comes up twice, delete one please.

Love a farmer's market and will have to go look for the book. I'm going to leave a link to you at the bottom of my post so people will know. Thanks girl!

claudia said...

Hi! I came over here by way of LeeAnna's blog, "Not Afraid of Color". She is a very inspirational person!
I wrote the title down for the book you read. I have a horse and a half (the half is a mini I inherited from my fence guy) They are both far from perfect. The book sounds like a good read so I am going to see if it is on the list of books I can put on my Kindle. (with the other two hundred or so waiting to be read! ;) )
farmers markets are the best1! We have an open market every Saturday here throughout the summer...soon to be closed down for the winter. :(
We have a composting pile. I am trying to get myself started on a veggie garden. Due to some physical limitations, I have to wait for the room mate to help out. Right now we are working on a pallet barn for the horse and a half. Next Spring will be the veggie garden's turn.

Sandra :) said...

I have seen that aisle, and walked it WITH you! I hope we get to do that again soon - maybe the timing will work out for us next year :)