Friday, September 9, 2016

Hello September!

September means back to school--although many of the schools here are closing early because of the current heat wave.  It also means lecturing on a more regular basis and preparing for winter.  Today I will replace the batteries in all our smoke/carbon monoxide sensors as part of the winter prep.

Seamus is holding his own.  There are now doctors from three different veterinarian practices working on his diagnosis (still unknown) but it appears he doesn't have cancer anywhere. Here is a happy picture of Seamus from this morning, he gets a massage from our neighbor every morning and he loves it!

A while ago, I had fallen in love with a  free quilt pattern called "Trellis" designed by Lauren and Jessi Jung ;  instructions are here.  I had a layer cake from Moda called Farmhouse and decided to tackle this pattern the past two weeks.  As I worked on it, I decided to make it into a queen sized quilt and put it on the other side of Peter and Jessica's quilt (remember this---here).  They will have a two sided quilt then.  Here is the finished top:

Jessica loves aqua so I chose this border for this quilt.  The blocks are hard to see (it's cloudy here today) but they have a lot of patterns she loves, like polka dots:
and something that resembles houndstooth plaid.
Plus it has various other motifs (like cherries) and a few printed blocks that have the kind of things she likes on it (like mason jars, cooking and gardening things, etc.).  I hope she likes it!  

So that is all the news here.  Seamus had a slew of tests this week and we should begin to get results next week.  Keep him in your prayers if you could!  Hugs, Mickie


Allie-oops Designs said...

That is just lovely - really like the pattern, and the fabrics you used! Seamus looks very happy to get a massage, lol. Hoping and praying they can get him feeling better soon!

LA Paylor said...

oh nooooo Seamus... get well!! (good boy)

That quilt is so pretty. So clean and shows off the prints well. Love.