Tuesday, June 23, 2015

July approaches

The garden is lovely but the air is so humid that inside--we have fans running in addition to our central air.  I don't do much in the garden in July.  The weather is too hot and it is not healthy to move plants in high heat.  It's good to take time to just enjoy nature!

July is the month I have to always set aside to sew and refold the quilts in my collection.  This year, I am also reviewing what I have to see if there are any pieces I can pass on or sell.  I have a relatively healthy collection of quilts and use them for my trunk shows.  In January and July, I check and refold them.  The refolding is important as I have had quilts where the wear is evident (from being folded for a good long time).  My friend and often business partner, Beth Bacher has just uploaded her first video on you tube that deals with this subject.  You can see it here:
PS--By the way, that is one of my quilts in the background when Beth first comes on (it has fold line wear).


Sandra :) said...

We keep ceiling fans running in the house through most of the summer. It takes me weeks when summer is over, to be able to turn off the bedroom ceiling fan when we're sleeping. I get very used to the whirring noise and the "freshness" of having it on, and I have to wean myself off of it, lol.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Such pretty flowers. Good idea to re-fold your quilts...although mine are mostly in use. I'll have to check out that video!

LA Paylor said...

ah summer. Either sweltering heat or monsoons. We're having such rainstorms that we can't sleep thru them, and Cole is terrified. We felt like we were next to a lightening strike yesterday that left us all shell shocked. Seamus, keep cool dude.
LeeAnna and Cole