Thursday, December 11, 2014

Healing projects: #1 completed!

I previously posted about my ankle, which has been declared broken after x-rays.  I miss my long walks with Seamus and he misses them too.  Fortunately, I have great neighbors who really took care of me while we waited for my husband to get home.  Thanks Denise, Ken, Katie and Mike!  They've been walking Seamus, feeding me, and even helped me get out of a car when I was stuck with a wet cast.  I'm supposed to be on crutches, but my left arm is too weak.  I'm back to hobbling on a cane and using one crutch.  On Friday I see the orthopedic doctor and am hoping for a boot instead of a cast.
My brother Jim lives down the street and he has been helpful too.  Mostly helping to take me out of my funk by working on a project we discussed and planned a while ago.  More on that later.  So what do you do when you are stuck with your foot elevated?
You sew of course!
I have a list of embroidery projects to do for an upcoming program.  Yesterday I completed the last of the "Colonial Quilt" blocks.  I purchased unfinished blocks because they had the original ad from the 1920s with them and finished the last 8 that the quiltmaker didn't complete.  Yes, nothing like completing other people's UFOs!
So I guess I WILL be sewing this December and much to my chagrin, I'm leaving a lot of work for my husband to do.  He's arranged to be home to help me the next few weeks until I'm back on my feet.  At least it is happening while there is snow on the ground.  Above is a photo from a dawn jaunt Seamus and I took in November.  Have a great day and be safe!


Sandra :) said...

Well, there's certainly something to be said for being able to sew all month ... but the reason for it, is pretty crappy! I'm glad you're getting some help (wouldn't it be nice if Seamus had opposable thumbs? :D) and I hope you get the boot tomorrow! We got a huge wintery blast last night/this morning so it's quite snowily fluffy out there - I just went out to get the mail and the driveway went from being black asphalt @ supper yesterday, to having 6" of snow on it this morning. Yay. NOT! :D

Anonymous said...

Geez, a broken ankle! Am so sorry to hear it. As soon as we have hot water again--long story, but it should be back by Saturday--will be cooking again. How about I bring you lunch or dinner and give Seamus a good walk? Should you run out of other people's UFOs, I can keep you supplied. I appreciate your offer of heaters, but we do have heat, thank goodness. Thinking of you, friend!

Allie said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!! Mickie!!! Are you able to keep your weight off it? I hurt my foot a few weeks ago and tried my aunt's crutches, couldn't use them at ALL - my arms are too weak too. I don't much like this getting older stuff, do you? I'm glad you have some help hon, and I wish I could be there to help too. How did it go today - did you get the boot?

I love your stitching hon, at least you can do poor thing!

Oh - before I forget - THANK YOU for my Christmas card hon!!! First one of the year, and it's from you, how special is that.
Big hugs, my friend!