Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ghost of Christmas Quilts (Past)

 These are a few of the Christmas quilts I've made through the years.  There are others but I can't find the photos today.  It's fun to look back at them, even if I'm unable to rummage through the attic to pull them out.  Maybe I will for next Christmas.  I'm at that age where I have simplified decorating.  

Despite the broken foot, I'm managing the Christmas festivities again.  I've lucked out with an amazing daughter-in-law.  Jessica is making the holiday cookies for us.  I'm so grateful.   She is an amazing baker so I'm sure her treats will be delicious.  We never think we are going to give up certain traditions but I'm finding it fun and inspiring to see what the young 'uns do.
Hopefully in 2015, I'll be able to teach Jessica to sew.  She is so clever and I would love to see what kind of projects she makes!
 Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday! 

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Allie said...

Merry Christmas dear Mickie, I adore your quilts and thank goodness for your daughter-in-law - I'm sure your cottage will be a very happy place on Christmas day!!!! All the best to you!!