Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lingering snow showers

The sky is falling...or rather, buildings have been collapsing because of the weight of the snow on roofs.  My roofer says the steep pitch of our roof is saving us but he has to shovel his own roof.  Every few hours we get these updates on businesses that are evacuated because of strain on buildings.  Meanwhile, we had more snow this morning.  I'm just grateful the sun is out now.  The more we can melt, the better, since we are expecting ice storms tomorrow.
 Last night I finished this mini quilt:
 It's for our Civil War program in May.
I'll go back to sewing after my doctor's appointment.  Tomorrow is a big paperwork day so I have to get some sewing therapy in today.
Stay warm and safe!


Sandra :) said...

We have so much new snow (on top of so much OLD snow) out there - hubby has been shovelling the driveway for an hour and has barely made a dent. The only GOOD thing is that it did finally warm up a bit, and the sun IS shining. I hope everybody stays safe in the whacky over-the-top weather systems so many countries are enduring!

Wonky Girl said...

Oh, I really like your mini quilt. My stash is slowly collecting civil war fabrics. I have some fabric cut to make those very same blocks 'cept they are 10".
My goodness! Snow is really becoming a problem back east. I'm glad your roof is not in danger. Cannot imagine shoveling snow from a roof. Lots of homes here in AZ have flat adobe style roofs. No way they would hold up.
Enjoy your sewing time :-) and maybe take a break to sew on your busy paper day. LOL