Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baby quilt completed

I've been dawdling on this quilt, only excuse is I've had a lot of other work to complete for a program I'm writing with Beth Bacher.  Anyway this is done and I can mail off this present for my cousin David's new baby.  The photos are off because it is (still again) storming outside.  We had snow and mostly ice last night and are still battling freezing rain here.  But focus on positive things, here is the disappearing 9 patch I made for baby Sofia :)

  I love Sandra Boynton and couldn't resist picking up a book for her package...and this little outfit:
 Because I loved this little bunny on it:
We've been told we are not out of the woods for power outages so I'm crossing my fingers that we still electricified here.  For now, I'm going to the sewing room and get some more sewing done! :)
Stay safe and warm!


Sandra :) said...

HEY! I recognize that pattern - it's my favourite! Adorable quilt, Auntie Cousiny Mickie! Sweet outfit and book, too :)

Stay warm, stay electrified, and stay safe, my friend - we got a lot of the white stuff but I think we've actually seen the worst of it - at least - I hope so! It's not as if we didn't already have feet and feet of that stuff - we didn't REALLY need more, lol! I hope everybody dealing with snow stays safe!

Allie said...

I hope your lights [and sewing machine] stay on, Mickie! That's a darling quilt, and outfit!

Cat Street Boyz said...

Quilts are beautiful but your spoos are wonderful, I hope to see more of them soon.U^Y^U
How did you do through this last storm, do you have your power? So many in Bucks County do not have their power back on and it is very cold! Well, stay warm, huggz to Seamus and Teddy, Holly & theBoyz