Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the road again...

You may not realize this, but I have a little business doing speaking engagements about quilt history to guilds and organizations.  I always take January to March off because of weather challenges.  Today I'm kicking off a new season and speaking at Drexel University.   

I'm thrilled that Beth from Backstitch Quilt Repair returned my crazy quilt on Friday after doing major conservation work on this quilt for me.  I love the embroidery on this piece but really REALLY wanted the Civil War commemorative ribbons preserved.   

Beth's work is exceptional; I actually have to feel the quilt to find all the places that she stabilized the piece.  She uses a barely visible fabric and her stitches are hard to even find!  Thank you Beth!

Today I am presenting my "Quilts and History: Why You Should Care" program.    I'm excited I'll be able to include this piece.  I've been doing this lecture for many years after a museum asked me to write a talk on quilt history for an audience of non-quilting men.  It should be a lot of fun at the University plus I'm going to be seeing my my son and his girlfriend for dinner as well!  

Tomorrow I will post a photo of another finish that I completed last night.  Ya'all have a great day!

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Sandra :) said...

That quilt is amazing - it's a piece of history - those ribbons give me goosebumps! Have fun with your presentation, and have a wonderful dinner with the kids :D