Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sizzling Saturday

We are abundant with blooms these days.

We've never seen so many butterflies as what we have had this year.
Too hot right now to be outside for long but that is okay.

The boys are upset that they had to have a hair cut early this week.  
This is Seamus giving me the evil eye...
 Teddy is having a really tough time.  I was up with him most of the night.  I think his backside was shaved too close and he has been distressed about it all week.  He's practicing some avoidance annoyance here.  I do feel bad for him, he is anxious to begin with and usually does okay with the hair cut:
What are you doing today?  Hope you have a wonderful Saturday.  Stay cool!


Sandra :) said...

It's going to be a hot one here today - in a few minutes I'm headed down to the basement to do some sewing - I have a girly messenger bag and a matching zipper bag ready to work on - I plan on finishing them today! Hubby is at the boss's cottage working (even though it's a long weekend, grrrr) so tomorrow he's taking me to Buffalo for a Joanns and Aldi and Marshalls run - works for me, lol! I hope poor Teddy starts feeling better about his backside! Hi, boys - kisses from Auntie Sandra!!

quilter000 said...

such nice flowers. Flowers and quilts in one place very nice indeed. I like the redwork too. Cool will be back before we know it. enjoy the heat while it is on LOL
Patty pat

Wonky Girl said...

Oh, poor Tedster. I wonder if he has clipper burn? I usually clip mine and use two clippers because they do become very hot. Maybe you could put some salve on the owie place.
I once had a white boy that came home from a groomer with pink skin all over his face and neck. She had left the office before I came to pick him up. No wonder. Vet said it was clipper burn! OMG I felt so bad. He was given a pain med for a few days.
Hope your two boys bounce back soon.