Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eat your vegies

My husband is home for all of 10 days and he is so excited because we are getting corn on the cob tomorrow!  He doesn't get fresh vegies or fruits in most of the places he works (or rather, he can't eat them because he can't trust anything that isn't cooked).  I'm just glad he is home, he's gone a lot and it seems like such a shame that he is missing the garden and the good weather.

When I am not writing, researching, or gardening, I am getting some sewing in.  At this point, I have a ton of backed up projects and am trying to whip some of them out.  Unfortunately, I've been forgetting to photograph things before I give them to the intended recipients (like over a dozen mug rugs for our doggy daycare).

The seed wall hanging (above) was a simple and quick quilt which I had originally intended to keep but my best friend Linda fell in love with it and so it is going to her eventually (her house is undergoing a major renovation right now).  It was too big for my house anyway and I'll do one for me that has 12 blocks and a better size for our little cottage.  Sorry the photo is so weird but I was running out of battery power. Anyway, I just wanted to touch base and at least get one of my quilts on the blog.  Tomorrow, I'll tell you about somebody wonderful, who's work I just love!

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Sandra :) said...

I'll have some corn and peas and onions please - yum! Wow hard to imagine B being home for 10 days - that's unusual, but very welcome, I'm sure! I've been working on kits to get them cleared out, and as I use up kits, I'm making more with stash fabric - I don't really see a dent yet, though. Perhaps it's due to the metres and metres of fabric I buy whenever I find a sale? LOL!! The stash doesn't go down but the wallet does - oh well!!! ;)