Monday, June 18, 2018

Some finishes

Apologies for the dark photos.  It's very hot here and we don't turn on lights unless absolutely necessary!
 Rose quilt is done!
Many thanks to Carol who did the binding when my hands were all gnarled up!  This is for my sewing room (the rose room).  I'll take better photos once the heat has abated.  I love the backing for this quilt and wish I had purchased more of it at Joann's:
 Another wall hanging finished.
This piece came out of my Embroidery UFO drawer.  I should tell you that the drawer isn't full of my UFOs but those that I purchased to finish!
I think this piece was from the late 1920s-early 1930s and was filthy.  I cleaned it up and re-did the embroidery.   One less thing in the drawer!
I put the shells under it because I like the garden border :)
It's a scorcher today and also very humid.  
Stay cool! 


Sandra :) said...

Roses is beautiful - I haven't seen that print @ Joanns but I bet I would have grabbed some as well - it looks really cool! I hope Sue did that watering early in the day - if her day was like ours, it would have been far too hot to be working outside by mid-morning!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Sweet finishes!!! Love the rose quilt, and that little sunbonnet is too darling - love the shells!!! Stay cool, we're 30 degrees cooler today, lol, it's kind of nice!