Saturday, May 12, 2018

Garden Time

I spent yesterday in the garden.  It was a glorious day and not too hot and not too cool.  I still have so much more to do but the wonderful thing about a garden is it is never finished.
Teddy in 2012 in the upper bed of the yard. 
Eventually I moved the center bed and expanded the borders on the side.

My husband and I are never afraid to experiment in the garden.  Years ago we had to replace our much damaged sod with gravel.  When Teddy and Seamus were alive and puppies, they were just too rough on the grass and the yard was always mud.
June 2016, Seamus was ill with hepatitis and I let some weeds invade the gravel and added stepping stones; Seamus didn't like walking on the gravel at that point.
I've been missing grass in the upper bed for some time.  I like GREEN and I like having a place to rest one's eyes.  The problem was that I didn't want to have mow up there or have other people mow in there.

This year, I'm experimenting with Irish moss.  I'm hoping it will take over the area and provide me with the much yearned for green.  The moss isn't toxic to dogs and will not need to be mowed.  Yesterday I removed a trench of soil and gravel and planted the moss.  I also moved half the stepping stones and built a path through the lower garden.

I'm hoping the gaps between the stones will be filled in with sedum and forget me nots.

The moss is being protected by a set of outdoor chairs.
We don't want a naughty puppy digging things up!
My husband doesn't do any of the gardening but he is supportive of my endeavours.  He is excited to see if the moss will spread and is excited to see how our experiment does.
Today Scout and I are getting much needed rain and rest.
My son will be visiting later on and I'll be glad to spend some time with him.
Have a wonderful day!


Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Love this garden-so inviting.

Sandra :) said...

It's so inviting that I think I'll come see it in August! ;) I don't know of any naughty puppies around your place that might get digging - do you? *looks at Scout and winks* ;)

Dennis does all of our gardening - I don't enjoy being in the dirt or digging in it. He doesn't really enjoy it either, but he does like having veggies in the back yard and some flowers in the front. Our vegetable garden does poorly so often that I wonder why he keeps putting it in. It's a ton of work and a lot of $$ every year but he insists - I guess I can consider myself supportive of HIS endeavours :D And really - who doesn't like hopping into the back yard to eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine! :)

Allie-oops Designs said...

Your garden is enchanting!!! I LOVE the Irish moss, you've got me thinking now - our flowerbeds that are up against the house do poorly because of the deer and rabbits, but the moss would look pretty!