Monday, April 2, 2018

Mo' snow!

Saturday I walked Scout without a jacket.  Sunday was cooler until mid-afternoon when the temperature rose to 60F.  Today we woke to this:

It's a bit ironic.  Many of the local schools had lost their vacation day of Easter Monday in order to make up days lost because of the various storms we had.  Yes, some of the schools are closed today, others are on a delay.  I expect it will melt soon as most spring snow does.

I'm just grateful that it didn't snow yesterday.  We hosted Easter dinner and the weather would have ruined it a bit.  We had a lovely day full of friends and family and lots of laughter (and lots of eating).  Last night I looked at my husband and said, "Do you know what I'm doing on Monday?"  He laughed and said "Absolutely nothing!"
Scout is exhausted as well.  Greta the poodle also was here for the festivities and Scout really didn't know where to turn she was so excited by all the activities.  

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!  Have a great day!


Sandra :) said...

Hi Scout! Sending you maple syrup kisses *smooch* !!!

Sorry about your snow - in the 14 day forecast for our area, there are 4 days that are expecting snow ... and the latest date is the 12th. OF APRIL. For all I know, there will be snow right through until the end of the month, lol. We don't have any snow left (or there are only crumbs here and there in the shadier parts of the yard) but it's cold and windy out there. The sun is shining, at least :) It could be worse!

I was just doing some housework (ughhh) and my lovely neighbour called - she has to drive her teenager to work so she's going to hit the grocery store on the way home - do I want to go with her? Ummmmmm let me think ... "housework" versus "ride with favourite neighbour and NO housework". Not a hard decision to make ... commence ... ADVENTURE! :)

Allie-oops Designs said...

UGH it's snowing here today, with more to come all week. But looking back at my blog I see lots of snowstorms in April. Still....winter seems like it lasts longer every year....I feel like Scout looks, lol!!!