Thursday, June 22, 2017

I like Thursdays; June 22, 2017

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I like Summer solstice.  What's not to like about lots of sunshine, warmth and flowers?

I like the act of gardening.  The hard physical labor of it.  I find it as calming--as soothing as sewing (except my muscles might ache a bit more afterwards).  It finally cooled off on Tuesday after a nice rain Monday night.  I spent 6 + hours working in the garden: weeding, pruning and moving plants.
I still have so much to do but I gravitate between a stuffed cottage garden and then a more minimal look.  I knew that once we got a good rain the tall plants would need to be pruned.  So far I have 8 garbage cans and bags full of cuttings and weeds and am going to continue on.  The weather for the rest of the week is supposed to be low humidity.  Perfect working weather!

I love my baby garden girl.  Here she is pre-haircut:
She loves rock lobster.  It's one of her favorite outdoor toys.
Silly goil.  She likes to look at the world upside down sometimes:

I like--no love--our groomer Jessa.  
I like--no love--that Scout was a perfect angel for her yesterday.
Here is our garden girl now:

Speaking of gardens, I love hydrangeas. They are my favorite for many reasons, mostly sentimental.  This year all the hydrangeas were blooming white until we got a really good storm on Monday.  Now everything is turning the proper color (except the white hydrangeas and the oak leaf which are supposed to have white flowers. 

At one point, my husband said "don't buy anymore hydrangeas, we have enough."  So imagine my surprise when he brought home this beauty:

I don't often use patterns but I have to say, I've actually bought a few lately from Blue Underground Studios.  Their website is here.  I just like the modern look of some of the patterns.  I'm on this mission to make a lap quilt for everyone I love but I don't want to do anything too complicated (I reserve that for quilts I have to make for programs I give).  I love the conundrum quilt!
Anyway, I have to go run errands and do other things in the garden.  Have a wonderful day!


PaintedThread said...

Conundrum quilt! I love that! Is it a basic block in different directions, or is it all pieces specially? It looks great.

The flowers are beautiful and the dog is goofy. Thanks for sharing.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your garden is beautiful! I really like the hydrangeas - makes me wonder if they grow in Colorado. I'll have to check that out! Scout is looking good! Fun to see her pics each week!

bookkm said...

Love your garden and your quilts but, especially, that dog. Your garden needs a dog.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I too love gardening. Even when I think there is nothing to do, as soon as I'm out there I'm busy. It's one of the best hobbies I think. I too love hydrangeas and kept some in a vase all winter long. Mine are far from blooming yet though. Yours are gorgeous and I never tire of looking at your flower photos.