Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Like Thursdays #15

It's Thursday and you know what that is!!  We celebrate as a positive day with our hostess-with-the-mostest, LeeAnna, at Not Afraid of Color.

I like this 
Yesterday the high temperature was 64 F.
My daughter-in-law was just lamenting that she just wanted "one good snow."  She no sooner put that out to the universe when the snow prediction for today went from a half inch to well... we are at 5 inches at this point:
I used to hate snow days because I hate driving in the elements but now that I get to stay at home, I do enjoy it.  My neighbors plow and dig me out and in return they request these:
So this morning I am baking and visiting our elderly neighbors and it is all good.  This afternoon I will sew.

2. I like roses, especially pink ones.  My husband appreciates roses too.  We used to baby our tea and hybrid roses but now we enjoy hardier rose bushes.
My brother designed and created my sewing room and it features my love of pink roses: 

Even the ceiling has the wallpaper on it:
So my new quilt will feature rose fabrics and is two sided, side one (the calm side) is pictured here.  The back will be all rose blocks and be a wild garden of flowers.

3.  I love old photographs.  I am always picking up a few at flea markets and auctions.  I prefer photos of children, ladies, and gardens--but to be honest, I have a wide variety of photos that simply appealed to me.  Here is one that seems appropriate for my rose garden love:

Have a wonderful day and if you are in the snow zone, stay safe and warm!


LA Paylor said...

I'd like to look thru your box of old photos... I LOVE old photos. I've spent time in antique stores looking thru them, and old year books. History is a theme today! Your sewing space is a cozy nook I know you love going in there for the day. Those cookies look good enough to eat... all of them which is why I have an extra spare tire because I can't stop with cookies! LeeAnna

Unknown said...

I would gladly shovel snow for those cookies! I love roses too but only have the one in my garden. It's a climbing rose that takes up a 10x10 foot trellis. To get my rose fix I enjoy going to a local display garden every summer. Oh, the amazing smells! Happy Thursday Mickie!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Wow what a change in the weather, lol! I can almost taste those cookies, Mickie, looks yummy. I love roses too, and so did my grandmother - my grandfather used to plant rosebushes for her, and bring her bouquets from the garden to sniff - she was blind for 20 years, til she got her sight back.

Send me your brother. I need a sewing room makeover. I absolutely covet your sewing room, every inch of it. Tell him to bring the rose quilt too, so I can see it up close *wink*

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I need your sewing room! I love the layout especially the ceiling. I too love roses but have been too timid to grow them. My daughter has a huge rose bush at her home but it does not get much care . Would you believe it grows beautiful roses all on it's own? I've not heard of someone collecting old photos. How interesting it must be to guess where and what people were doing at the time of the photo! Sorry to say that when I read this post we are having a heat wave here in Peoria Az. I love seeing the snow but wouldn't be able to live in it!I'm too spoiled living here all my life. Enjoy your post very much. Have a wonderful warm day!mary in AZ