Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Prayers for Seamus, please!

Seamus has been really slowing down lately.   Bloodwork indicates that his red blood count is down and one of his liver enzymes is elevated.  He goes tomorrow for an ultrasound on his abdomen.  If you could remember him in your prayers, I would be most appreciative!  Hugs and be well!


Sandra :) said...

{{{{{{{{{{Seamus & Mickie}}}}}}}}}}

Martha said...

So sorry to hear poor Seamus is not feeling well . . . . I am thinking of you both, and hoping he will be a good result on his ultrasound.

vicki said...

prayers for you and seamus.. oh how we love our dogs.. so much a part of our lives..
blessings to you both.
Vicki in md

Wonky Girl said...

Lifting Seamus up to The Lord in prayer. We know how much you love your poo-kid, praying for peace in your heart.