Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday begins a new week!

I've been working a lot in the garden these past few weeks.  We were blessed with somewhat good weather, although we desperately need rain these days.  I removed the bed from the center of this space and the photo above shows a rough draft of pavers I am going to place in the garden.  

Seamus is 9 1/2 now.  Gravel of any sort really bothers his feet (above photo was taken in 2011).  I'm not adverse to rearranging the garden for his comfort and like Seamus, I am feeling my age a bit.  Simplifying the garden is one of my main goals for the garden during the next few years.  Hopefully, these changes will make both of our time outside easier.
Petal covered walkways in one of our parks.
In between gardening and long walks in the park, I prepared for the neighborhood yard sale we had on Saturday.  I got rid of some big items and have a nice pocketful of cash for fabric :)  It's been a lot of physical work the last few weeks.  Now it's time to give my body a rest and sew.  I sure hope you are enjoying the Spring!  Have a great day!

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Sandra :) said...

Our yardwork finally got underway this weekend - it's been kinda nippy, or we were busy, but this was The weekend :D Hubby has been bringing home bags of dirt to top up the gardens, and today he bought a new lawnmower - DS2 bought a house, so we gave him our old [bought in 2015 so not very old, LOL] lawnmower, and hubby bought a new one today :D We can't plant for another 2 weeks - there's frost coming tonight - my neighbour put her garden in early and then had to cover it all up with tarps today to protect it tonight!

We got our passports and now hubby has to find out from work, when they need hinm to do some specific work at a house. Things have to be done in a particular order as other work on the house gets finished, so hubby's contribution has to be "inserted" amongst other things. When we find out THAT schedule, we can pick travel dates to head your way for a visit :D

Happy Mother's Day!!