Saturday, January 23, 2016

Diana's quilt

Gave Diana her quilt this past week.  It was so nice to visit with her and I was excited to give her the finished project.  She had seen the top on my blog or facebook and said she loved it.   Like everyone else in the east, we are currently experiencing a big blizzard.  

I have Italian wedding soup in the crock pot, keeping the back shoveled for the dogs and staying warm.  It's a good day to sew!  What's it like where you are and how are you spending your Saturday?  Stay warm and safe!


Sandra :) said...

Beautiful quilt - I love grey and yellow together :) Diana looks pleased - do I see flowers in the quilting?

We avoided the blizzard - you stay warm and safe! I love wedding soup as well - I've only made it once, and that was years and years ago - can you send me your recipe for the crockpot version, please and thank you? Crockpot soup is the BEST, and this is the perfect weather for it! I just pinned a recipe for crockpot chicken and wild rice soup - I'm going to make it next week :D

Allie-oops Designs said...

Lucky Diana, that is beautiful!!!! So you're getting hit with this snowstorm? I have been so out of it, I haven't kept up with where it went. I did hear D.C. got shut down after only one inch, lol...

Soup sounds good - I'm making a stew in a little while, it's sunny and cold here, no snow which is fine with me!