Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On the Road Again...

I started back on the road again in August and been to various groups to lecture.  It's a busy few months for me but I wanted to check in just to say I'm here and okay.   I'm sad to see summer fade, isn't everyone?  Despite the heat and challenges of keeping the garden hydrated, I've enjoyed my outdoor time and so has Seamus.
Tonight I'm headed to Mt. Laurel, NJ to give my "Storytime Stitches" lecture to a quilt guild.  This quilt is one of two "Pussywillow" quilts I own; I have it in this aqua and also in pink.  The pink is going with me tonight.  
I see Seamus slowing down this summer and I'm also trying to keep him happy and occupied.  He's almost 9 years old and it pains me to see him out of sorts.  Perhaps it was the high heat, perhaps he was bored, but he seems most happy when we have visitors to the garden like Katie and Natalie and the Pom-Poms (one is pictured here).  I haven't had much time to even keep up with the blogs but I have next week off so I should be able to read up on everyone's fun during the last few weeks.  Hope you are all staying well and enjoying the cooler weather!


Sandra :) said...

Well there you are! Nice to see you sitting still for a while ... although now you're probably on your way to NJ now, lol. I'm glad the hottest part of the summer is over - our temps have cooled down nicely, and it's more comfortable being outside. I'm really NOT a fan of heat and humidity - some people thrive on it, but I look like a sweaty red tomato and want to melt - not good, LOL.

I walked to my friend's house this morning (1.1kms) to go to aquafit with her, but when we got there she changed her mind (it was The Teacher Whose Class We Do Not Like) and we came home. As we got into my driveway I saw my walking buddy out with her dog (I walk with her on the mornings I don't go to aquafit) so I jumped out, threw my bags in the house and headed out with her for a miler :D The temp was just right for a comfy walk - I'd love it if the weather was like this all year round :D

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh Mickie I adore that pussywillow quilt! How darling! Do you think those were kits? I've seen a few before. I'm sorry to hear Seamus is slowing down....bless him....enjoy your travels~!