Friday, November 14, 2014

First snow of the 2014-14 season!

First snow of the season fell last night.  This is not a good omen for the upcoming winter.
Fortunately, I have a lot of sewing to do in 2015. Beth and I are building a new program and it is big on sewn projects, minimal research.  Right now, I'm doing a lot of machine sewing because I'm still nursing some problems with my left arm.
I cannot even begin to express how uncomfortable I am with these loud colors but a big part of our goal for the next year is going out of our comfort zone.  I probably should have started with something only slightly uncomfortable.  But noooooooooooooo.....I had to just jump into the deep side of the pool.  This weekend I'll visit blogville and see what you all have been up to....Have a safe, happy and WARM day!


Sandra :) said...

We've had a couple of dustings so far - 99% of it blew away though, so that's OK. But winter weather is just around the corner - there have been big storms in nearby towns, and it's getting BRRRRRRRR cold, so we'll be white sooner rather than later :( Love the bright quilt block - the older I get, the more I like those bright colours, lol!

Allie said...

We're on, let's see, snow number 3 - the lake effect snow machine is in full throttle right now, and the west side of the state is getting buried. Last week, Marquette got 42 inches! In one day! I agree with you, this doesn't bode well for the upcoming winter. We're breaking all kinds of records and it's still AUTUMN.

The colors may grow on you - I do love brights, and pastels, I love them all, lol. Good for you on jumping into the deep end, it won't be such a shock next time, lol!!! Stay warm, Mickie!