Sunday, August 17, 2014


Big Dog, Little Dog

Good news for Rudy!  We found a fantastic home for him (just in case)!  Our friend Barb and her family met him this week and fell in love with him.  I know he will be loved, well cared for and be a great companion to Barb and her family.  We are all now in limbo...awaiting to see the status of my Mother In Law (Rudy belonged to her).  It seems unlikely that she will ever be able to return home, she is very weak and very confused.  It is the sad part of this situation.

Before all this happened, I was working on some stashbuster quilts.  I used the Missouri Star Company's tutorial for the Double Slice Quilt pattern to use up some of my Christmas scraps.  I hope to baste that tomorrow and quilt it this week.  Photos to follow. Earlier this year, my scrapbuster pattern of chosie was the D9P:

Here is a photo of my cousin's baby on the quilt I made for her (Disappearing 9 patch).  Isn't Sofie adorable?  

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Sandra :) said...

I'm sorry about your MIL, but I'm very glad that Rudy is going to be taken care of, no matter what happens. How's Seamus handling everything now?

Is it wrong that I want to scoop up that adorable baby and play peek-a-boo and "got your nose!" with her?! She's definitely enjoying her quilt :D