Sunday, June 29, 2014

seed gifts...

Years ago, my friend Molly gave me a packet of seeds for rudbeckia.  I've been amazed at the variations that have emerged through the years:
The traditional single:
The Irish eyes with a green center:
 The single with chocolate in the center:
 And the multiple petaled version: 
Somehow, these variations developed through time on their own.  I would love to say the birds brought the seeds to our garden, but the truth is, many of these variations aren't anywhere in the neighborhood (yes, I've checked while walking the dog).  Isn't it wonderful how gardening can reaffirm our sense of wonder?

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Sandra :) said...

Gardening, for me, reaffirms my happiness that winter is over for the time being :D I love to look at gardens as I go out walking, and I love seeing our small little garden areas grow and bloom, but I'm not very fond of all the work involved - especially the bending!