Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still thinking Spring...

and not experiencing it!  Today we are expecting some snow.   I know it isn't unusual for us to get snow in March but this winter started with the cold and inclement weather way back in October so it seems like a long LONG winter this year.  So here is some vintage inspiration:

I emailed quilt kit guru Rosie Werner and she said this kit is called "bluebells" by Paragon.  I love this quilt so I thought I would share it before I put it away.
Have a happy and warm day!


Sandra :) said...

LOVE the bluebells - so pretty and springy!! Not very spring-like here either - we may get snow also. Tonight and tomorrow morning will feel mighty nippy --- -22C/-8F - but it's supposed to start warming up a bit by Thursday. That means we'll probably have another polar vortex on Friday, LOL!!! This is the winter that just won't go away! I'm doing springy crafty stuff though, to stay sane - I just finished a fleece bunny drawstring bag, and now I'm about to handstitch ears, nose, eyes and tummies on some bunny finger puppets - all are Easter projects for the g-niece/nephews and neighbour kids :D It's certainly more fun than thinking about all the dirty snow out there - BLECH!

Martha said...

I've never seen this pattern before, Mickie, and it's so sweet. The bluebell design is adorable -- I especially like the quilting pattern -- and all the stitching is beautifully done. Thanks for sharing it with us.