Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26


Christmas was wonderful, all our children were home and even the nieces made it here!
Christina loved her quilt! I've given myself a deadline of March to finish Maggie's (other niece).  This pattern is from the book, Wonder Blocks, by Terry Martin.
We can tell the dogs are getting older.  They were both well behaved during all the holiday madness.   Teddy is now 7 and Seamus turned 6 on Christmas Eve.
This is Teddy this morning.  He's exhausted after his long Christmas day and cuddling with one of his (many) new toys people brought him.  I think we are all going to take it easy today!  Hope you are getting so much needed post-holiday rest too!


Sandra :) said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas with your family - that's the best! I had all mine here too, plus got to visit hubby's, so I had a wonderful Christmas as well :) Mine you - it's definitely time for them to all get back to work - they're cramping my style, LOLOL - I just can't get the things done that I want to do (i.e. sewing) when they're underfoot ... I mean when they're here with me day after day ;)

Sandra :) said...

That's mind you, not mine you, although you can be mine and I'd be happy :D