Friday, June 14, 2013

And now for something completely different...


Teddy continues to have some hip challenges.  The groomer did her magic on Ted this week and reported that she had to lay him down to do most of his grooming; he just couldn't stand or sit very long.  We continue to keep him comfortable and so far, we are managing.
My friend Linda is finally a horse grandmommy (if there is such a thing).  Her new Arabian foul (a girl) was born in May.  It's amazing how quickly little Niina is growing.  Linda says, "it doesn't matter what breed is a kid, they're a KID!"  Niina bucks and broncs sometimes just for fun :)
 It was funny to see her Mom, Delphina, discipline her.  And then peace reigned in the stable when the wee one took her nap (I think she has two speeds:  go go go and sleep).
Linda is having fox problems at her house, she has lost a considerable amount of chickens to the fox but her dog Ruby now realizes her job is to protect chickens and Niina and there is a real sentry on guard!
Have a great day!


Wonky Girl said...

So glad you are able to manage Ted's hip. He sure is a handsome fella!

Sandra :) said...

Sending T Diddy (lol) gentle maple syrup hugs - stay comfy, guy! Niina and Delphina are gorgeous - notice in the first picture Niina is just a blur, LOL!! That must have been one of her go go go moments ;)

Anita said...

Cute pics, love the horses!!
Hope T Diddy feels better soon.
Cheers, Anita.