Monday, November 26, 2012

No Place Like Home for the Holidays...

"Until you feel the spirit of Christmas, there is no Christmas"  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!  I know a lot of people call this time of year a lot of things but I'm sticking with the "Home for the Holidays" weekend because that is where I prefer to put my focus.    We had a wonderful visit and dinner with Peter and Jess.  They used a brine on the turkey, made everything from scratch (including our dinner rolls which were still rising when we got there) and it was all delicious.  I'm so proud of them, they did an amazing job and it is so much fun to relax and laugh with them!  
On Friday, we turned the Christmas lights on, baked cookies, and worked on the Christmas scrapbook.  I had all the decorations up and ready but I prefer to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put the wreath on the door and switch on the twinkly lights.  On Sunday, Helena came over for a sewing lesson.  We sang Christmas carols, made some Christmas tree ornaments from a blog tutorial at bugs and fishes and also made a cat she found in one of my sewing books.  It was wonderful, relaxing and warm and the perfect way to share gratitude and begin the holiday season!


Sandra :) said...

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving, and got to do crafts with Miss Helena - she'll always remember crafting with Nana!

We turned on the outside Christmas lights last night - hubby surprised me with it, lol. He told me to go out to the front porch because somebody had left me something - I ran out the door and saw the lights twinkling in the garland over the steps - so pretty and festive! 'tis the season!

Wonky Girl said...

Such a wonderful family time. Thank you for sharing it with us.