Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two good dogs

I've been working with Teddy (right) all summer to get him to be able to take longer walks with Seamus and I.  I'm proud to say he graduated this week and was able to go to the "big boy" park for a walk with only one minor incident.  Unfortunately, he also got stung by some bees (at home, not at the park) so we are waiting until his backside feels better before we take this challenge on again.  
P.s.  The covered bridge in the background is one of many in our region!


Sandra :) said...

HAHAHA Seamus is leaning away from the camera ... "Stop taking my picture mom - sheesh!" while Teddy is all happy faced ... "Did I hear walkies? Walkies? Walkies???!?!?!", LOL! Sorry about the bee stings - my late brother used to SIT on bumblebees all the time when he was just a little nipper (4 or 5, maybe?) - it was a standing family joke that if he was outside, he was going to sit on a bee!!! Now I wonder if that's how he got his nickname (Buzz)??!! LOLOL!!! I'll have to ask my sister if she remembers - I was 2 years older than him, but Sherry is 6 years older than me, so she might have more memories of that time :D

Linda said...

Your little fellows are so cute! Poor thing. I wonder if he hurts as much as a human does with a bee sting?
Beautiful setting, by the way!

Allie said...

Well GOOD DOG! But poor baby getting stung by bees - I hope he feels better soon! I'm going to have to come visit you and check out some of these covered bridges.